angel perezThis year, we will be publishing a series of short profiles on some of our longest-serving volunteers, in recognition of their hard work and to thank them for helping bring a wonderful month of events to Philly! If you’ve volunteered with us for a few years and are interested in having a profile like this one done, let us know in an email and feel free to attach a picture of yourself if you like! First up is Angel L. Perez.

How long have you been volunteering with the Cherry Blossom Festival and/or Japan Philly?
About 4 years running.
How did you get interested in Japanese culture?
Big fan of the culture and the music, and the way of thinking. In addition I do like anime.
Do you have a favorite memory of the Cherry Blossom Festival?
It’s hard to pick one favorite memory, because every time I participate I make some new memories, which are really precious to my heart. And I always like having the opportunity to make new friends.
If you could add your dream event or guest performer to the Cherry Blossom Festival, what or who would it be?
Hard to say, but I would love to help the cosplay participants! It’s fun seeing them dress up, but it would be great if they can also do some acting, roleplaying [as] their characters.

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