Visit Japan Without Leaving Philly

For centuries, Japan has celebrated the return of spring with ohanami​ - parties beneath the blossoming cherry trees with food, drink, and entertainment. Now you can experience this delightful tradition without days of arduous travel. A project of the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration not only of these beautiful blossoms, but of Japanese music, art, food, and culture. 

Over the course of a week, the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates both traditional and contemporary Japan with a variety of events, including demonstrations of martial arts, ikebana flower arranging, a restaurant week—Dine Out Japan, as well as live musical and dance performances. 

The main event, Sakura Sunday is held at the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park and features two stages of performers, arts & crafts, Little Akiba, tours of Shofuso, and much much more. Other major events include our Silent Auction, Japanese Culture Week, and the Cherry Blossom 5K. For more details and events, check our calendar.

March Japanness Final Four

We have our regional champs. Ramen topped the Food bracket. Onsen took the Traditional Culture crown. Kiyomizu Temple squeaked by Mt. Fuji to top the Places portion. And in the shocker of the tournament, Cosplay ousted reigning champion Hayao Miyazaki.

It’s time for the Final Four. Cast your votes and send two of our competitors closer to glory. The losers will be forced to watch the Saga onsen commercial on repeat for eternity. As always, one vote at a time.

March Japanness Elite Eight

We’re down to the Elite Eight of March Japanness. Only the true contenders remain. Your votes will determine who makes it to the Final Four and who will be discarded like an empty PET bottle. You can view the full bracket here. As always, votes can only be cast one at a time.


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