Visit Japan Without Leaving Philly

For centuries, Japan has celebrated the return of spring with ohanami​ - parties beneath the blossoming cherry trees with food drink and entertainment.  Now you can experience this delightful tradition without days of arduous travel.  A project of the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration not only of these beautiful blossoms, but of Japanese music, art, food, and culture. 

The celebration spans a few weeks each April and is made up of wide ranging events.  From demonstrations of martial arts and ikebana flower arranging to our restaurant week - Dine Out Japan - to live musical and dance performances, the Festival presents traditional and contemporary Japanese culture to Philadelphia and its visitors.

Our main day of celebration, Sakura Sunday is held at the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park and features two stages of performers, arts & crafts, Little Akiba, tours of Shofuso, and much much more. Other major events include our Silent Auction, Japanese Culture Week, and the Cherry Blossom 5K.  For more details and events, check our calendar.

Sakura Snapshots Contest

Now that this year's festival season has finally come to a close, it's time for our annual Sakura Snapshots Contest. We want to see your favorite moments from the festival, whether it's a snapshot of you crossing the finish line at the Cherry Blossom 5K, or a picture of your painstakingly crafted origami creations. The photos can be from any of our festival events, not just from Sakura Sunday. We know the blossoms weren't as cooperative as previous years, but we hope that didn't stop you guys from taking some great photos.

March Japan-ness: Miyazaki is the Champion!

In the end, there could be only one.  By a resounding margin, you, the voters have selected Hayao Miyazaki as the first ever March Japan-ness Champion.  While Ramen easily slurped up early round victories, it was no match for Japan’s most beloved animator.  After dominating the field, Miyazaki has announced his retirement from future March Japan-ness competitions.  But given his track record, we think we’ll be seeing him again.


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